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Enjoy the jaw dropping scenery and the perfect tarmac of the roads around the pro's favourite residency of Girona conveniently located between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava.

A circular route consisting of 6 days of riding, 545km with 9,316m of climbing and descent with the option to add a further 2,726m of climbing over 144km for more vertically inclined. We start and finish in the beautiful city of Girona with it's stunning architecture, relaxed cafe culture and plentiful quality restaurants and shops. Riding into the foothills of the Pyrenees on quiet and smooth roads and enjoying the best hospitality of a region rich in history. The hills are not as well known as those in the High Pyrenees but mention them to any pro rider that you bump into and they will give you a knowing nod. The gradients are more friendly than those of the high mountains, expect 5's and 6's rather than 8's and 9's. The most well known is probably Sant Hilari in the Montseny national park. Having completed the foothills circuit we than head for a glorious ride to the beach on the final day through scented forests and via twisting quiet coastal roads. 






  • 6 days cycling, 7 nights B&B.

  • Total of 545km, 9,316m
    of ascent with the option to add a further 144km and 2,726m ascent. 

  • Circular route with 2 double night stays

  • ​Personally led on the road plus support vehicle providing regular assistance.

  • Good stops for coffee and
    lunch on route.

  • No day planned to start earlier than 9am or finish later than 5pm.

  • Fitness guide: comfortable with 60 miles within 4 hours on UK roads.

  • Small group sizes

Upon arrival at Girona airport you will be met by the Blue Sky Team. There is the option of transfer from Barcelona airport at additional cost

A full tour briefing takes place after the welcome meal in readyness for the grand depart the following morning.


The day starts with a relaxed breakfast.


Coffee and Lunch stops taken each day.


Every evening there will be a briefing of the next day's ride.


The last day is a lovely coastal ride with lunch usually taken on the beach.


Girona is a popular city break in it's own right so there is potential to extend the trip into the weekend, if desired.



Hand picked, Tried and Tested.


Emphasis on quality.


Character locations, bars and restaurants


Plentiful Buffet Breakfasts.


Secure overnight garage for the bikes.


Can be summoned to bring forward:


  • Extra clothing if cold.

  • Reduce clothing if warm.

  • Additional water.

  • Snacks from your snack bag.


Carries spare free issue inner tubes (700 by 23 mm Presta standard valve only).


Carries some spare brake blocks (issued free if they fit) - some long descents!


Carries basic tool kit, track pump, bike stand.


Can hop in at any time (subject to availability of seats).




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